The Haunting Truth of Modern Society


A thought I wanted to share.


A slave for your master

A beautiful disaster

Submissive, wanting to obey

Torment and tease

Worship and please

You let him treat you,

Like a dog of the war machine,

Obeying as dogs do their owners

Respond, respawn, reproduce,

Recite, remember and recall.


Dance to his whim,

Squirm under his strings

Bend to his will

Listen to his call.

Is it a sanctuary for those who lost their way?

Or the dog pit for those who have no way?

Is it a place for compassion?

Or for woven tongued-tied brains?

For his leisure

In His world she cannot find freedom,

Freedom she never realizes she has lost,

Neither being the last nor the first to lose it,

But never meeting the latter or the former,

A twisted web of his world,

Dark and a prison,

Seeing the freedom, vast and miles,

But never the end or a way to get it!

I am sharing this because it is the epitome of truth in the modern era. People walk along the streets plugged in; go out to dinner with friends who are not there; take photos to share their imaginary fun.

As a race, we have forgotten how to enjoy the real world; pure and simple.

Through an unexpected series of events, I no longer have access to social media unless I log in on a desktop computer. At first, I missed it- boredom ate away at me whenever I was alone. Within a few days, I had already forgotten and I began to realize my sheer dependency. Now, 2 months on, I can recognize it is the best thing that could have happened. I have started reading regularly again, I am fully engaged when socializing and I have finally found time for many of the things I didn’t before.

The only problem? I still have to pose for hundreds of photos so my friends can let everyone know they have a life.

So I set a challenge: go a week without social media, delete it completely and see how you feel.

Are you a slave to social media? To the expectations of others?

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