Why May is Not Necessarily the Bad Guy

‘Don’t be fooled out of seeing the big picture. This is not politics as normal.

The carefully constructed house of cards has been swept away. It is politics more chaotic, more brutal than any thriller.’


Please enjoy this article by Mark Mardell, an alternative view in a sea of negativity.

Theresa May: The Prisoner of No. 10



2 thoughts on “Why May is Not Necessarily the Bad Guy

  1. As much as I want to sympathize with May, I cannot see beyond her close connections to the same foreign interests as those that propped up the Trump campaign. While she is certainly a moderate by comparison, she panders to the same lobbyists and foreign interests as the American Conservative party, and that – to me – is a little disappointing.

    Then again, by comparison to Farage and Johnson, she is an angel of good.

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    • May remained quiet during the Brexit campaign, although claimed to be a remainer. Personally, I believe she was on the fence (perhaps leaning towards leave) and the ‘hard’ Brexit she is now proposing is merely to please the ‘leave’ voters.
      I find it difficult to compare May’s foreign policy to Trumps. Yes, the Conservatives are looking to reduce net migration, drastically, but they maintain that migration is necessary to the economy, especially in skilled areas where the UK is lacking. The main aim is simply to encourage companies to put UK employment first, rather than the practice where immigrants are working for less than minimum wage and so are more employable.
      It is a far-cry from Trump’s views. Although I suppose May’s recent speech following the Manchester terror attack, wherein she suggests terrorists should lose their human right, does bare similarities.
      Still, I do agree with the majority of things proposed.


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