A Pinch of Corbyn, a Sprinkle of May and a Bloody Great Dollop of Davis

Lets take a look at the scene:

  • The Conservatives scraped more seats than Labour by just 2.4% of the vote, after an expected 20 point lead. Their popularity plummeted due mostly to the poor campaign Theresa May ran and her attitude towards voters.
  • Meanwhile, Labour celebrated an increase in seats and a hugely successful campaign.
  • May is now attempting to drag her party from the dust and strike a deal with the DUP, an idea that is both disastrous and brilliant- depending on who’s talking.
  • With the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire still looming, May is taking another hit, with protesters driving her popularity down at a rate of tenfold.

One thing everybody can agree on is that our political scene is a mess and nobody has the first idea how to deal with it. With Brexit negotiations beginning tomorrow, this is bad news.

I, however, have (a slightly outrageous) suggestion where David Davis is star of the show.


Source: Politico Europe

For those of you who do not know, David Davis is the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union- or in short, Brexit Secretary.

So, I have a proposition: What if the UK could have an ‘Acting Prime Minister’?

It would make perfect sense.

Theresa May has lost the respect of the public so she would stand down. Then, Davis, who has a year of experience in dealing with the Brexit process, would become ‘Acting Leader’ of the Conservative party, pending the UK’s exit from the EU. And negotiations would commence on Monday.

Corbyn, I am afraid, would have to accept his position as Leader of the Opposition for another couple of years. That leads me on to my next point; when Brexit is complete, the Conservatives would hold a leadership election (wherein Davis can stand if he wants to), followed by a General Election.

The May-Haters are satisfied because she would be out of the picture. The Corbyn-Haters are satisfied because he does not get power just yet. The Corbyn-Lovers are satisfied because he gets another pop at a majority in two years time. The Brexiteers are happy because someone capable is ensuring their wishes are met.


But then, of course, we encounter a problem. May won’t stand down, Labour will kick off, and everybody will dismiss the idea of an Acting Prime Minister as ridiculous anyway.

So I suppose the best solution is to make a dodgy deal with the DUP and approach the Brexit negotiations as a weakened country, open to manipulation and ridicule.



Happy Father’s Day, Britain.


Source: Wikipedia


7 thoughts on “A Pinch of Corbyn, a Sprinkle of May and a Bloody Great Dollop of Davis

  1. Nice argue – I agree that Davis is probably the best person for the job in terms of high-ranking Tories (although I’m a remainer so we would differ in that respect). Although what is really the point of having him as ‘Acting Prime Minister’? I feel the best solution would be for her to step down at some point after the Queens speech. I admit it would make Brexit negotiations a little painful for several weeks but it would be better in the long run.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      Having an ‘Acting Prime Minister’ would work for that exact reason; we could avoid a leadership election for the duration of the negotiations. May standing down now would be a terrible idea and would throw our country into turmoil once again. But, if she did, it seems sensible that leadership should be resumed immediately- a problem that an ‘Acting Prime Minister’ would solve.


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