Hello All.

Politics is a fascinating thing that is all too often shared, and therefore influenced, by older people. This is, however, far from a radical wave of disinterest- it has always been this way. In the seventies the majority of young people did not exercise their right to vote; in 2010 the same thing was true.

I believe that young people are alienated from politics. It is not ‘cool’  to be the one who takes an interest. Disinterest has become fashionable and its down to the way in which the media presents itself. But with the internet a more powerful tool than ever, the next generation have a chance to have an influence that politicians cannot ignore.

It is this idea that I want to foster on this blog; I want to encourage young people to engage and discuss, to be activists and to go one step further than the previous generation- don’t just talk, change.

Now for the obligatory bit about myself.

I’m from the South of England and proudly a Conservative Futures member. My interest was sparked in the 2014 European Election and I became a member the following year.

I have since attended various events, helped with campaigning and spoken about my city. One thing I would like to stress, however, is that while this blog is a place to share my own views, I am not suggesting that all of my readers should be strictly right-wing. I want to open up debate, not force my views on to people.

So please do pop me an email; comment, argue, engage! Let me know what you stand for. Tell me why. This rudimentry blog is as much about me expanding my own horizons as it is for sharing arguably questionable Tory content.

I am looking forward to venturing into this new world of dynamic politics.